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Tails of Melbourne by Caitlin J. McColl | Ragamuffin Pet Photography

There’s something about Melbourne. I moved here 5 years ago, and promptly fell head over heels in love with the vibrant, gritty, friendly, artsy city. It’s a city built for the people who live here. Laneways bursting with colour, the best cafés hidden down side streets, leafy parks for lazy picnics, suburbs that whisper stories of our history and architecture that screams hey! we’re Melbourne, we’re a little weird and we don’t care!

So how to combine a fascination for our city, with a love for dogs and for beautiful photography?

Introducing Tails of Melbourne, the original Tails of the World fine art photography book. A celebration of the wonderful dogs who live in and around Melbourne.

tails of tasmania

Tails of Tasmania by Caitlin J. McColl | Ragamuffin Pet Photography

It’s only an hour flight away from Australia’s mainland but travelling to Tasmania has always felt like I’m visiting a different world. It’s an island of wild and diverse landscapes; from majestic mountains to roaring rivers, to sparkling surfs. The colourful cities are small, friendly and creative. There is an inexplicable sense of home and relaxation that always envelops me when I am here. When the opportunity to explore this beautiful island through the eyes of its four-legged residents emerged, I could no wait to get started!

As part of the Tails of Australia and Tails of the World series, this photographic coffee table book showcases Tasmanian dogs all over Australia’s Island of Inspiration.

tails of adelaide

Tails of Adelaide by Kirstie McConnell | Bitsa Bernard Photography

Featuring over seventy local dogs in favourite Adelaide locations, this limited-edition, hard cover coffee table book is the perfect gift for any animal lover, local or visiting!


Tails of Gippsland by Kirstie McConnell | Bitsa Bernard Photography

Spanning from the outskirts of Melbourne’s South-Eastern suburbs to the Victorian - New South Wales border, Gippsland is a diverse and treasured part of Australia. From unspoilt beaches, to adventure packed mountains, through pristine rainforests, and past quaint country towns, the region is as popular with locals as it is visitors.

As part of the Tails of Australia and Tails of the World series, this photographic coffee table book showcases over sixty Gippsland dogs in and around our region. Sharing the story behind each dog featured, and the iconic location they represent, Tails of Gippsland celebrates all that the region offers for locals and visitors alike.


Tails of Brisbane by Charlotte Reeves | Charlotte Reeves Photography

Tails of Brisbane is an ambitious personal project by Brisbane-based professional pet photographer Charlotte Reeves. It documents the many unique sights of our sunshine state capital and the dogs who live here through beautifully-styled, professionally produced full colour photographs.

The book features over 100 dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds and a range of Brisbane locations, including views and landmarks, iconic buildings, parks, community areas, selected suburbs and historical buildings.


Tails of Perth by Claire Garrett | Petography

Life is just better with a dog by your side. Join over 75 of Perth’s most loved pups as we visit some of the oldest, coolest and most beautiful locations the sunset coast has to offer.

Proudly part of the Tails of Australia and Tails of the World series, this book features award winning images by Perth Pet Photographer, Claire Garrett. 


Tails of Sydney by Ruth O’Leary | Ruthless Photos

117 dogs.
85 landmark Sydney locations.
Over 450 photos.
$8k+ donated to three local dog rescue groups to date.

Tails of Sydney is a stunning A4, 200 page, full colour, limited edition coffee table book.

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Tails of the Netherlands by Iris van Velzen | Iris van Velzen Fotografie


Tails of the Seattle by Marika Moffitt | Dirtie Dog Photography

tails of the spacecoast

Tails of the Space Coast by Krystal Kerney | Krystal Photography


Tails of the Alamo City by Janet Deltuva | Ares & Emzy Photography

Tails of Vancouver by Margeaux Nicholas | High Paw Photography